Cowan Tartan

The Cowan Tartan, deeply entwined with the Colquhoun clan, is a profound emblem of Scottish heritage. Rooted in the storied annals of Scotland's past, this tartan encapsulates the timeless essence of a nation's identity. The Colquhoun clan, hailing from Dumbartonshire in the picturesque west of Scotland, finds its origins along the banks of the mighty River Clyde in the historic town of Old Kilpatrick. At the helm of this venerable clan stands Sir Malcolm Colquhoun of Luss, the 8th Baronet, upholding a lineage that stretches back through the ages. The clan's heart resides within the hallowed walls of Rossdhu House. With a reputation for unparalleled softness, the Cowan Tartan is woven using time-honored techniques. It's available in both heavyweight and lightweight versions, ensuring a choice for every occasion. While specific historical details remain elusive, this tartan bears personal significance as the personal tartan of Bob Cowan of Atlanta, Georgia, meticulously woven by Lochcarron. It's a symbol of Scottish heritage, inviting you to embrace the profound traditions of Scotland.
The Cowan Tartan boasts a striking plaid pattern, characterized by a deep blue background adorned with thin stripes of yellow, red, and white, which artfully intermingle with thick black stripes. This harmonious blend of colors creates a mesmerizing visual display that pays homage to the Scottish landscape, from the azure skies to the rolling hills. Each thread is woven with precision, ensuring that the pattern captures the essence of Scotland's rugged beauty.
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