County Waterford Tartan

County Waterford, situated in the province of Munster in the southeast of Ireland, has a rich cultural and historical identity that is embodied in its motto, Deisi oc Declan co Brath, meaning May the Deise remain with Declan forever. The county takes its English name from the Norse term Vedrafjorour, which means 'ram fjord', named after the city of Waterford. The county is also known as 'The Deise', after an ancient Gaelic clan that settled here in the early centuries AD, having been driven from their homeland in the southern province of Meath/north Kildare. Today, the ancient realm of the Deise is equivalent to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Waterford and Lismore. The Waterford County Tartan, designed by Polly Wittering, is a symbol of the county's cultural identity. Although not formally endorsed as a District Tartan, it has gained popularity and is expected to be acknowledged as an authentic District Tartan in time. The tartan's colors are forest green, brown, and turquoise, with accents of red, blue, and gold, representing various aspects of the county's landscape and history.
Waterford's history is a tapestry of Viking and Gaelic influences, with evidence of Viking settlements dating back to the ninth century. The largest Viking settlement found beyond Scandinavia, Woodstown is located to the west of Waterford City. The county has seen its share of wars and conflicts over the centuries, including the Norman Invasion of Ireland and the Irish War of Independence. Despite its tumultuous past, Waterford has emerged as a thriving center of culture and commerce, with strong music, art, and literary scene, and popular tourist destinations such as the Waterford Crystal factory and the stunning Copper Coast UNESCO Global Geopark. The Waterford County Tartan, with its distinctive colors and pattern, is a beautiful and elegant addition to any wardrobe. Whether worn as a kilt, jacket, or another garment, it adds a touch of sophistication and style to any outfit. At a reasonable price, ordering the Waterford County Tartan is a great way to celebrate and show pride in the county's rich cultural heritage.