County Kerry Tartan

The idea of Clans and tartans has a long and lengthy tradition in Scotland and each Clan possesses its own distinct characteristics and tartan designs. A Clan is described as a tight-knit group of families that share an ancestral connection and the feeling of solidarity and loyalty. The slogan that is used in County Kerry is Comhar, Cabhair, and Cairdeas which is translated to cooperation, support, and friendship. In the southwest region of Ireland Kerry is once a key part of the history of the Munster Kingdom. Munster and in the present, inside Ireland Kerry is called "the realm." Like the majority of Ireland's coastline regions, Kerry's experiences are intimately linked to the sea. In spite of Kerry's rough and beautiful shoreline and the fact, it is the case that Kerry is the location of many of Ireland's most imposing mountains, thanks to Kerry's Gulf Stream Kerry is honored with the world's most pleasant environment.
It has been a thriving community since the middle of the Iron Age, today Kerry remains the most convenient district in Ireland and is renowned for its cheese and spread and its usual quality. The tartan, a distinctive pattern that has crisscrossing stripes of various shades represents unity and tradition. This pattern of the plaid County Kerry Tartan is a gorgeous example of this traditional Scottish symbol. This particular tartan is believed to originate from the County of Kerry in Ireland and is distinguished by its vibrant, striking colors of blue and green. The green stripes symbolize the green hills and lush forests of the region, whereas the blue stripes symbolize the clean waters of the lakes and rivers.