County Dublin Tartan

Experience timeless elegance with the County Dublin Tartan, a symbol of fashion and individuality. Though not tied to a particular Scottish clan or Irish county, this modern design embodies the spirit of Dublin, Ireland's vibrant capital. Discover the captivating history surrounding this distinctive tartan. The County Dublin Tartan is a modern and inclusive design by Polly Kitteridge for the House of Edgar in 1997. Unlike traditional district tartans, it represents the cosmopolitan nature of Dublin and welcomes people from all backgrounds. This universal tartan transcends boundaries and can be proudly worn by anyone who appreciates its charm. County Dublin, in the heart of Leinster Province, includes Dublin City, Dun Laoghaire, Fingal, and South Dublin. Dublin, the capital and largest city of Ireland, embodies rich history, culture, and warmth. The County Dublin Tartan symbolises this essence, letting you carry Dublin's grandeur with you.
The County Dublin Tartan captivates with its colours and patterns. Teal green and brown evoke Irish landscapes, while navy blue and bright fuchsia honour Dublin's maritime heritage and spirit. The tartan's shades of green and blue mirror nature's beauty. And get Immersed in a colourful world with County Dublin Tartan. Its captivating patterns and vibrant hues create a beautiful tapestry, weaving stories and taking you on a visual journey. The County Dublin Tartan honours Scotland's beautiful rivers and seas. Its green shades represent lush meadows and rolling hills, while the blues reflect the vast coastlines. These colours blend to create a peaceful and serene kaleidoscope.
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