County Derry Tartan

Kilts are a part of a lengthy and extensive tradition in Scotland and have become a symbol of the proud heritage and the cultural traditions of the nation. Every tartan design is associated with a particular Scottish clan which is why this County Derry Tartan is not an exception. The County was established in 1607 by James I following the seizure of lands from its Irish prominent primitive owners following the Flight of the Earls in 1607. James issued consent to the Irish Society to embrace the manor in the new district. the London prefix was added in the reference to the London Livery Companies of the Irish Society. The sanction was signed on 29th March 1613. This County Derry Tartan is steeped in the rich culture and history of the area, which has evolved into a mark of pride for people who come to County Derry. This County Derry Tartan is a distinct pattern that is linked to the County Derry region of Ireland. The tartan is a mix of blue, green, and red stripes, as well as a white stripe running across the middle.
The color and style of County Derry Tartan are distinctive and unique. County Derry Tartan has been carefully selected to honor the rich tradition and culture of the region and has been branded as an iconic symbol of County Derry over time. One of the many Irish District plaids which are not officially recognized District plaids, yet have become famous and eventually will be recognized as a certified District, instead of fashionable tartans. The County Londonderry plaid is the most common plaid style with vibrant coral, green and gold, and dark accessories. The County Derry Tartan is a well-known choice for people who wish to show that they are proud of the region they call home and to connect to their Irish tradition.