County Antrim Tartan

Antrim is among Antrim is one of the Counties that are part of Ulster, Northern Ireland. It isn't known the date County Antrim was established but it's been around before the fourteenth century. The Antrim Tartan was developed in the mid-1990s to commemorate people living in the Irish County.
Anyone is allowed to wear this tartan regardless of whether you're from the county or your name is tied to the region. Irish tartans are an exciting and meaningful way of celebrating your culture. In contrast to Scottish Clan Tartans, The Irish Tartans are identified by their family or district. The pride and the history of Ireland the most well-known Irish Kilt is called the Saffron Kilt. It is the instantly recognized solid block of yellow or mustard. County Antrim Tartan is suitable for any occasion or occasion. The Tartan is typically constructed from Acrylic Wool and has the characteristics of turquoise green, navy blue, and coral red. It also has sparkling gold accents through it, which lightens the tartan and provides it with more balance.
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