Connemara Tartan

Although the tartan is from the past it is logical that tartans are available to facilitate Irish usage, since the Scots who are typically identified with tartans have Irish heritage, with the Irish being referred to in early Roman rule in Britain in the Roman period as "Scotti".
After the Romans had left Britain the Scotti began to attack the northern shores of Britain and then gradually moved into the area, eventually being referred to as Scots. Thus the close ties between the two countries in terms of customs and culture.
The Connemara Tartan was designed to symbolize the wild and beautiful region in the northwestern county of Galway. Although the area is difficult to live in, where poor families struggled to survive on a small potato crop the majority of the land is now declared National Park, recognizing the beauty of its natural scenery, with the town of Clifden being the most famous of the attractions in the area. The tartan has Red with Green, Blue Yellow, and White Lines.
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