Colquhoun Modern Tartan

The name for this clan comes from the land of Colquhoun that came into their possession during the reign of King Alexander II. Then they obtained the land of Luss located on the shores of Loch Lomond, and thereafter the chief was named Colquhoun from Luss. After a bloody battle with the MacGregors in 1602, the Colquhouns attempted to entrap the MacGregors, but lost and had their leader killed.
After this incident, the MacGregors were banned and their names were banned under threat of execution. Sir John Colquhoun was also known for his role as "Black Cock of the West" and was a savvy and knowledgeable politician. The modern shown here is the main tartan for the Colquhoun Clan. If you are concerned that the colors are too strong, we have the less traditional version, which is nearly the same in popularity. Colquhoun Modern Tartan is available in all Tartan accessories. The tartan has navy blue with dark green-black, red, and white.
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