Coleman Tartan

Coleman Tartan carries a rich historical significance that traces back to the Gaelic origins of the Coleman surname. Derived from the Irish root "clúmh," meaning "down" or "feathers," and the Latin word "columba," meaning "dove," the family emerged as a sept of O'Colmain, a branch of Hy Fiachrach, in County Sligo, Ireland. Throughout the Middle Ages, the spelling of the name varied, encompassing variations such as Colman, O'Colman, MacColeman, and more. The migration of numerous Irish families bearing the name to North America, particularly during the 18th and 19th centuries, contributed significantly to the development of Canada and the United States. Today, the surname resonates globally, with its popularity evident across various regions. In the United States alone, it ranks as the 82nd most common surname, carried by approximately 236,265 individuals. Furthermore, it holds rankings of 712th in Canada, 598th in Newfoundland, 189th in Australia, 209th in New Zealand, and 219th in the United Kingdom. Notable figures bearing the surname have made their mark in diverse fields, including Eldridge Wayne, a renowned professional wrestler, Bessie, a pioneering aviator, Zendaya Maree Stoermer, a multifaceted actress and singer, and Catherine Daisy, a dedicated advocate for sexual abuse victims. 
This Tartan showcases a captivating interplay of colors, featuring tones of red, green, blue, sky-blue and yellow. These hues harmoniously blend, creating a visually striking design that captures the essence of the clan's heritage. The intricate sett pattern showcases the interwoven threads of history, symbolizing the resilience and interconnectedness of their lineage. Each thread tells a tale of determination and endurance, encapsulating the spirit of Scottish culture and traditional attire.
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