Cochrane Tartan

Dundonald Castle, situated in Ayrshire, is a historical landmark that has been preserved and maintained by Historic Scotland. It was purchased by the Cochranes, a prominent Scottish clan, in the 17th century. The clan motto of the Cochranes is "Virtue Et Labore," which translates to "By valour and exertion." Their crest features a horse passant in argent, and their badge is a prancing horse. The Cochranes are believed to have Viking origins and settled in Renfrewshire before acquiring the estates of Dundonald in Ayrshire. They were renowned for their military prowess and were often referred to as the "fighting Cochranes." The name "Cochrane" may be derived from two Gaelic words meaning "the roar of battle" or "battle-cry," or it may refer to the lands and Barony of Cochran near Paisley, which the family occupied. While the origins of the name are unclear, the Cochranes have left an indelible mark on Scottish history.
The Cochrane Tartan features yellow, red, purple, and green stripes, representing generosity, courage, nobility, and the land of Scotland, respectively. The pattern signifies the different branches of the Cochrane family. The tartan is a symbol of the clan's history, culture, and Scottish heritage.
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