Carrick Tartan

Carrick Tartan is a distinctive tartan pattern that is associated with the Carrick clan from Scotland. Carrick is one district inside South Ayrshire. Within Carrick, Maybole is the principal town. Maybole is the main town. Earldom of Carrick was home to members of the Scottish Bruce Bruce family. Robert de Bruce, the 6th Lord of Annandale was granted the title of Earl in 1274 during his wedding 1274, to Marjorie from Carrick's wife. The Carrick clan is rich in tradition, dating back to the medieval Kingdom of Galloway in the southwestern region of Scotland. The tartan itself is composed of a combination of blue, green, and red stripes.
It is set on white background. It is believed to be among the most traditional and oldest tartan designs found in Scotland. The Carrick Tartan is commonly worn for kilts as well as other traditional Scottish clothes and is a popular choice for those wanting to commemorate their roots or demonstrate their commitment towards members of the Carrick clan. Marjorie is from Carrick. Their son was King Robert I of Scotland, who was also known by the title of Robert the Bruce. The title Earl of Carrick is now one of the lesser-known Scottish titles awarded to the heir to the throne today, Prince Charles who is Prince Charles of Wales. Prince of Wales. The tartan was developed in the 1930s. Carrick Tartan is predominantly red and black tartan with some blue scattered throughout. It doesn't matter if you're part belonging to the Carrick clan or simply want to enjoy the rich past and cultural traditions of Scotland The Carrick Tartan can be a gorgeous and significant artifact of the past that will be treasured for years to come.