Buchanan Tartan

The Buchanan Tartan carries the legacy of noble service and victory, as signified by the Buchanan clan's badge—a hand clutching a ducal crown nestled within a laurel wreath. This emblem, embodying the clan's motto, "Clarior hinc honos" (Brighter Hence the Honour), encapsulates their enduring values of honor and distinction. Rooted in the historical depths of Scotland, the Buchanan clan traces its origins to Anselan O'Kyan, a noble son of the King of Ulster. In 1016, Anselan landed in Argyll, rewarded with lands for his valor against the Danes. This narrative of bravery and nobility is intricately woven into the fabric of the Buchanan Tartan, reflecting a heritage that stretches from Loch Lomond's serene shores to valiant battles alongside the French against English forces. Notably, the "hunting" version of the Buchanan Tartan, a piece of Scottish history from the Scott Adie (London) collection dating around 1850, underscores the tartan's historical significance and exclusivity. Despite the loss of ancient lands in 1682, the Buchanan clan's legacy continues to thrive, symbolized by their royal connections, the clan crest, and the enduring symbols of Scottish nobility.
The Buchanan Tartan presents a striking palette of colors, set upon a dark green background. Thick yellow and red stripes command attention, beautifully contrasted by the subtlety of thin blue, black, and white stripes. This intricate sett pattern not only encapsulates the Buchanan clan's rich history and valor but also offers a visually captivating design. Each color and stripe carries the weight of centuries-old traditions, making the Buchanan Tartan a testament to the enduring allure of Scottish heritage.
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