Buchan Tartan

The Buchan family has a rich history dating back to 1200 and beyond, with Ricardes de Buchan appearing in documents as early as 1207. The Buchans are a strong Jacobite family who supported the Stewart cause. Major-General Thomas Buchan, born in 1641 at Auchmacoy, led the forces of King James II during rebellions of 1689, while his brother Colonel John Buchan of Cairnbulg fought on the opposite side. The Chief's seat is at Auchmacoy, and the family tartan is derived from Cumming clan, relatives of Buchan. The crest of the clan features a sun shining upon a sunflower, and the clan motto is "Non Inferiora Secutus," meaning "Not having followed mean pursuits." The badge of the clan is also a sunflower. The Buchans have a long association with the Cummings, which began with the marriage of Margaret, daughter of King Edgar, to William Comyn, sheriff of Forfar in 1210. The Buchan family has a proud history and a strong connection to their Scottish heritage.
The Buchan Tartan is a beautiful plaid pattern that features a combination of light green, dark green, red, black, and blue. The main color of the tartan is green, with red and blue stripes woven throughout. The black stripes provide a nice contrast to the bright green, making the design stand out. The Buchan Tartan has a traditional Scottish look, and it is a popular choice for kilts, blankets, and other items. The design of the tartan is simple yet elegant, with a repeating pattern that creates a sense of unity and cohesion. The Buchan Tartan is a timeless symbol of Scottish heritage and pride, and it remains a beloved design to this day.
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