Black Watch Dress Tartan

The 1819 Key Pattern Book of William Wilson Sons who were the suppliers of tartan for the military, wrote regarding the Black Watch tartan: "This is said to be the Munro Tartan - but it is far more probable that it is the Campbell Tartan." There is the possibility that the design was worn by a variety of clans in the Highlands.
This tartan is an inscription that refers to the 42nd Royal Highland Regiment (The Black Watch), the most prestigious Highland Regiment. It was first established in 1729 in 1729, it was formed into it was formed as four Independent Companies of Highlanders to protect the peace in the Highlands. The Black Watch dress Tartan can be worn for any occasion or event. The tartan is typically constructed from Acrylic Wool fabric. It includes dark blue and white, black, and green colors that lighten the tartan and provide it with some balance.
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