Bisset Tartan

The Clan Bissett has been identified as an armigerous family. This means that the family, clan, and name are registered at the Court of Lord Lyon however, it does not have a recognized chief in the Lyon Court. The original version of The Bisset namesake is Bytes along with the other is Henricus Bytes was a member of the family who returned to Scotland together with William the Lion in 1174. The Bisset family was exiled during the middle of the 13th century after allegations of involvement in the murder of the Earl of Athol's heir. Athol It is probable the castle had been rebuilt during the 17th century and then again after the turn of the century. Bisset Tartan colors are light blue, light green, and black. They also have orange, white, and yellow. Swatches in heavy and light fabrics are available if you desire to examine the exact design in more detail.
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