Birse Tartan

Birse Tartan holds a captivating historical legacy rooted in the enchanting landscapes of Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Derived from the parish of Birse, this tartan is a tribute to the region's rich heritage. Nestled in the Lower Deeside area, they encompasses diverse landscapes and communities. To the northwestern part of the parish, on the south side of the majestic River Dee, lies the picturesque Birse. A sparsely populated upland area, known as the Forest of Birse, adorns the southwest. The name can be traced back to its earliest record in 1157 as "Brass," and its origin remains shrouded in mystery. The family, hailing from the Scottish-English border region, resided in or near a place called Byers in Scotland. Byers finds its etymology in the Old English word "byre," signifying a cattle shed. The enduring allure of this Tartan celebrates this fascinating lineage, a testament to the Scottish heritage cherished by both local clans and enthusiasts around the world.
This Tartan proudly showcases a harmonious blend of blue, green, black, red and yellow, each bearing symbolic significance. Vivid hues of blue represent the vastness of the Scottish skies, inviting you to embrace the boundless possibilities of the highlands. Shades of green pay homage to the lush landscapes and rolling hills that have shaped their region throughout the ages, evoking a sense of serenity and connection to nature. Deep blacks symbolize the strength and resilience of the Scottish spirit, while rich reds reflect the passion and pride ingrained in Scottish culture. Delicate hints of yellow add a touch of warmth and optimism, embodying the vibrant energy of the Scottish people.
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