Birrell Tartan

Birrell is a name with a long-standing history in Glandall, East Borders, dating back to 1387. The surname is associated with Andrew Birrell, who held the title of burgess of Berwick in 1449. The Birrell tartan pattern is documented in the 1819 Key Pattern Books of Wilson of Bannockburn, although it was mentioned in a letter by Wilson of Bannockburn in 1773. The history of the Birrell name in Glandall, East Borders, spans over six centuries. It is a testament to the longevity of the name and its significance in the area. Andrew Birrell's position as a burgess of Berwick in 1449 highlights the importance of the Birrell family in the region. As burgess, Andrew Birrell would have held a prominent position within the town's governing body, representing the interests of the town's merchants and craftsmen. The Birrell tartan is a distinct pattern associated with the Birrell name. Its appearance in the 1819 Key Pattern Books of Wilson of Bannockburn indicates its importance and popularity. As mentioned in a letter by Wilson of Bannockburn in 1773 shows that it has been a recognizable symbol of the Birrell name for several centuries.
The Birrell Tartan is a distinctive and recognizable pattern that features a combination of orange, green, white, and blue. The pattern consists of alternating thick and thin stripes of these colors, with a thin white stripe separating each block of color. The pattern is simple yet striking. The use of orange in the tartan is particularly noteworthy, as it is a less common color in traditional tartans. The green and blue stripes give the tartan a natural and earthy feel, while the white adds a touch of brightness and contrast to the design. The Birrell Tartan's physical appearance is a reflection of its history and significance in Scottish culture, and it remains a popular symbol of the Birrell name today.
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