Birrell Ancient Tartan

Birrell has a surname that was discovered in Glendale East Borders as early as 1387. Andrew Birrell is a burgess of Berwick 1449. The tartan was first mentioned in 1819 Key Pattern Books of Wilson of Bannockburn but is also mentioned by the burgess in a letter from 1773.
Birrell Old Tartan is generally constructed from Acrylic Wool and has dark brown, dark green-blue, red colors, and white and black lines that help lighten the tartan and give it more balance. The custom-made Birrell Ancient outfit is guaranteed to transport you back to the glory days of the Birrell Ancient Clan.
This tartan pattern will make your clothes more stylish and elegant. We have a wide selection of quality kilts. jackets, skirts, and other clothes made of this gorgeous Birrell Ancient Tartan. To make your experience more elegant, we take care of the most intricate details that make this Tartan a stylish piece that reflects the refined style of the family.