Bell of Borders Tartan

Clan Bell is a clan which is a fierce warrior. Clan Bell's identity is recorded with the Court of Lord Lyon and there is no officially recognized chief to be an official at The Lyon Court. Clan Bell's chief was identified as the last name, which was William Redcloak Bell who passed away in 1628. There's a debate regarding where the Bells originate from and what is the source of the term Bell. It could be derived from the ancient French Belle town Belle or the word could originate from or originate from the French "Bel" meaning beautiful or attractive. The tartan is usually made of Acrylic Wool, which can be distinguished with its blue sky colour as well as red and black with blue lines running through them.
This can help reduce the overall weight of the tartan and creates an equal balance. The unique Bell of Borders Tartan Outfit will transport you back to the glory days of The Scottish Bell of Borders Clan. Their remarkable history is available to wear and feel. The tartan's style makes your outfits more elegant and stylish. We have a wide selection of kilts made of high-quality. Jackets, skirts and other garments are constructed of the stunning Bell of Borders tartan. To make sure you enjoy the most luxurious experience, we concentrate on the best features of this tartan. It represents the refined style of the whole family.