Bell of Borders Tartan

Clan Bell is an armigerous clan. This means that the clan's family or name can be registered in the Court of Lord Lyon and does not have a recognized chief as a chief by the Lyon Court. Clan Bell's chief was recognized as the last William Redcloak Bell who passed away in 1628. There's some controversy over the place where the Bells originate and what is the source of the name Bell. It could be derived from the former French town of Belle or, alternatively, originate from the French "Bel" meaning beautiful or attractive.
The tartan is typically constructed from Acrylic Wool and is characterized by the sky blue color, as well as black and red with light blue lines running through it. This will lighten the tartan and provide it with more balance. The customized Bell of Borders Tartan Outfit is certain to transport you back to the glory days that were The Scottish Bell of Borders Clan. Today, their stunning historical legacy is still available to wear and felt.
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