Balfour Tartan

A significant kin group of Fife as well as Orkney. The name is of geographical source, which is derived from the land of Balfour (homestead located on the River Orr), in the parish of Markinch, Fife. According to legend, the land was gifted to Siward the Northumbrian during the time of Duncan I. The first mention of the name dates to 1304, which includes John de Balfour. Sir Duncan de Balfour supported the cause of Sir William Wallace and was killed during the Battle of Blackironside in 1298. The Balfour who was the last Balfour of Balfour Sir John died in 1375, and his estate was passed on to his sole daughter Margaret.
Balfours remained in the family until 1375. Balfours continue through their descendants from Adam who was the brother of Sir John and married into the mighty Macduff Earls of Fife. Sir Michael Balfour (d.1385) was born into the household of the Earl. The Balfours descended from him from Denmylne, Forret, Torry, and Kinloch and the name was popularized throughout Fife. This included the Balfours of Burleigh, Fernie, Dunbog, Balbirnie, Halbeath, Lawlethan, and Bankstown. The color of Balfour Tartan is Blue, Brown, Red, and Yellow.
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