Bains of Caithness Tartan

As a younger person, I used to enjoy browsing through gift shops that sold items with Scottish clan names on them. They used to search for the Bain name, but could never find it on its own. The author assumed that their surname 'Bain' was associated with the Clan MacBain/McBean, but upon delving into genealogy and researching family history, they discovered that this was incorrect. In fact, the Clan Bain is a sept of the Clan Mackay and has no association with the MacBain/McBean clan. The author further learned that the Bain Clan has its own crest and a sect of the clan, The Baynes of Tulloch, have their own Coat of Arms. However, it appears that the Clan Bain does not have its own tartan, which is a pattern of woven cloth that represents a Scottish clan. The text also highlights an acrimonious split between the Clan Bain and the MacKay Clan in the 15th century, which resulted in no association between the two clans.
The pattern features a dark blue and forest green background with yellow, white, and red stripes. The yellow stripes have a slight curve, while the red and white stripes are thinner than the other colors. The tartan has a symmetrical design with a repeating pattern of four threads in each color. The Bains of Caithness Tartan is often worn by members of the Bain Clan and is associated with the sept of the Clan MacKay. The tartan's design and colors represent the landscape of the Scottish Highlands, with blue for the sky, green for the hills, and yellow, white, and red for flowers and heather.
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