Baillie Tartan

The Baillie clan is an old lowland family whose name likely derives from the French word "baillie," meaning bailiff or steward. The earliest recorded appearance of the name in Scottish records is in 1311 when William de Baillie acted as a juror in a land dispute in Lothian. Sir William Baillie of Hoprig received a royal charter to the barony of Lamington in Ayrshire in 1368, a title which remains in the family to this day. The Baillies were prominent in the Highlands and formed powerful allegiances through marriage. The clan crest features a boar's head, and the motto is "Quid Clarius Astris," which means "What is brighter than the stars?" The clan tartan was created in the 1700s for the "Baillie Fencibles," a regiment of 600 soldiers based in Inverness. The tartan is recorded in the 1819 Key Pattern Books of Wilson of Bannockburn. Although the Baillie clan is not a traditional highland clan, it has a rich history and its members have held important positions, such as Lord High Treasurer to James IV and Master of the Wardrobe to Queen Mary of Scotland.
The pattern consists of thick and thin vertical stripes of varying widths and colors, which intersect with each other to create a unique checkered effect. The Baillie Tartan features a vibrant array of colors including blue, green, yellow, red, and black. The predominant color of the tartan is blue, which is interspersed with green and yellow stripes that add a cheerful touch to the design. The red and black stripes add depth and contrast, completing the overall effect. This tartan was designed by Mr. A. W. Geddes of Messrs William Anderson in Edinburgh in 1937, and it was primarily created for the Baillie Fencibles, a regiment based in Inverness.
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