Angus Muted Tartan

This name is common all over Scotland. It was first mentioned in the 5th century, it is mentioned in connection with the establishment of the colony known as the Dalriada. The Earldom of Angus is one of the oldest in Scotland and was given to a Gilchrist in the year 12th.
The 13th century, however, saw the end of the Celtic lineage, and the following forfeiture the Earldom passed over to the Stewarts. In 1389, King Robert II granted the title to George de Douglas and his successors, who did not succeed in their claim to the title of Sir Alexander Hamilton. The Angus Muted Tartan is appropriate for any event or occasion. The Tartan is generally constructed from Acrylic Wool and features navy blue and black, with red stripes running through it that lighten the tartan and provide it with some balance.
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