Anderson of Arbrake Tartan

The Anderson of Arbrake Tartan holds a significant place in the tapestry of Scottish heritage, designed by David A R Waterton-Anderson, the Chairman of the Anderson Association. This tartan was created in response to a specific request from Anderson Association members who desired a red background tartan as an alternative to the traditional light blue. The Anderson family of Arbrake, located in County Banff, is one of the principal families bearing the Anderson name, with a history intertwined with some of the most influential clans in northeast Scotland. Historical records highlight a high degree of intermarriage and alliances with the powerful Clan Gordon and other prominent families, many of whom have tartans characterized by strong red hues. Traditional Anderson tartans are known for their distinctive broad white and two yellow (tramline) stripes on black, a feature that the new design faithfully incorporates. Despite being an armigerous clan, meaning its family names are registered at the Court of the Lord Lyon, Clan Anderson does not have a recognized chief within the Lyon Court. The clan’s affairs are overseen by a Clan Council, composed of gentlemen of arm who are members of the clan. The Anderson of Arbrake Tartan, believed to be created by Waterton-Anderson in 2006, pays homage to the family's storied past while providing a modern variation that resonates with the clan's identity. This tartan serves as a vibrant emblem of the Anderson family's enduring legacy and its connections to the broader fabric of Scottish history.
The Anderson of Arbrake Tartan is crafted from high-quality acrylic wool fabric, ensuring durability and a comfortable feel. The tartan features a striking interplay of black, red, and green lines, accented by yellow, light blue, and white stripes. These colors not only lighten the tartan but also provide a sense of balance and harmony, making it a visually appealing choice. The traditional elements of the Anderson tartan are preserved in this modern design, creating a timeless piece that honors the past while embracing contemporary aesthetics.
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