Ancient Hunter Tartan

The origins of the "Ancient Hunter" tartan trace back to the deep-rooted history of the Hunter Clan in Scotland. The very name "Hunter" is synonymous with Scotland's rich hunting heritage, with its Latin precursor, "Venator," echoing ancient hunting traditions. This distinguished clan has left its mark on both the Highlands and Lowlands since the 11th and 12th centuries, embodying the spirit of the hunt and guardianship over the Scottish forests. The official "Ancient Hunter" tartan is a visual testament to the clan's enduring legacy. Crafted in homage to their extensive military service and unwavering dedication to safeguarding Scotland's woodlands, this tartan weaves together history and heritage in every thread. Its design, credited to the creative prowess of Capt. T. Stuart Davidson in 1983, proudly bears the name "Hunter of Hunterston." The Hunter Clan, known by their Gaelic name, "Mac a t-Sealgair," is symbolized by a greyhound sejant Proper, crowned with an antique crown Or. Their badge, the Sea Pink (Armeria Maritima), pays homage to their ancestral lands in Ayrshire. Hunterston Castle, nestled in West Kilbride, stands as a historic seat that echoes the clan's enduring presence. Today, under the leadership of Madame Pauline Hunter of Hunterson, the Hunter Clan continues to embody its motto, "Cursum perficio," meaning "I accomplish the hunt."
The "Ancient Hunter" tartan is a mesmerizing plaid pattern that showcases a deep blue background, reminiscent of Scotland's expansive skies and majestic waters. Thin red and white stripes interweave with thick green and black bands, creating a harmonious tapestry that tells the story of the clan's enduring connection to the land and its traditions. These colors mirror the lush Scottish landscapes and evoke a sense of reverence for the natural beauty that has shaped the Hunter Clan's identity for centuries.
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