Amnesty International Tartan

The Amnesty International Tartan is a unique and special tartan that has been created to symbolize the work and efforts of the international human rights organization, Amnesty International. The Amnesty International Tartan is a symbol of hope and human rights for people around the world. As the largest human rights organization globally and a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Amnesty International boasts a membership of over 1 million supporters globally. The creation of the Amnesty International Tartan began with the vision of a dedicated Scottish member named Billy Scobie. In 2001, on the occasion of Amnesty's 40th anniversary, Billy dreamt of creating a special tartan that would symbolize the organization's values and achievements. The organization was established in 1961 and has since been working towards promoting and protecting human rights across the world.
The Amnesty International Tartan has been designed to represent the values and principles of the organization, with its vibrant and eye-catching colors.
The Amnesty International Tartan is made up of various colors including blue, green, yellow, and red, which are all symbolically significant. The blue stripes represent freedom, peace, and justice, which are the core values of Amnesty International. The green stripes symbolize hope, growth, and renewal, which the organization seeks to bring about through its efforts. The yellow stripes represent the light of truth, which Amnesty International shines on human rights abuses and the red stripes symbolize courage and the fight against oppression. Overall, the Amnesty International Tartan is a unique and meaningful tartan that represents the work and efforts of one of the world's leading human rights organizations. Whether you are a supporter of Amnesty International or simply appreciate the values and principles it represents, wearing the Amnesty International Tartan is a way to make a statement about your beliefs and to show your support for human rights.