Allison Tartan

Allison refers to the fact Allison was initially used in the early days of two brothers named Alexander McAlister of Loupe, who immigrated along with a few of their family members in Avondale, which is Avondale parish. Avondale is located in Lanarkshire. The Allison Tartan is a traditional Scottish tartan that is associated with the Allison family. The roots of the Allison family go to the middle ages in Scotland and the style in the Allison Tartan is a reflection of the deep history. The Allison Tartan is still used today by people belonging to the Allison family and by those who are related to this clan's past. The name Allison is traced back several years with different spellings.
The initial spelling is Patrick Allisonne delContes of Berwick in 1298. The Allison tartan first appeared in the latter half of the 19th century and was officially registered in 1882. The setting utilized by Lochcarron is among two settings that are official. Both settings were recorded in 1882 which means that both settings are considered authentic. The primary colors of the Allison tartan are navy, green, blue, red, Black, and white