All Ireland Blue Tartan

The All Ireland Blue Tartan is a relatively new tartan that was created to symbolize the unity of the island of Ireland. It is an exclusively Irish tartan, designed to represent the whole of the island, regardless of political or religious beliefs. The tartan's blue color represents the rivers, lakes, and seas that surround Ireland, while the green and gold represent the lush green fields and hills and the golden fields of grain that are so iconic in Irish scenery.
The All Ireland Blue Tartan was designed by a team of Irish weavers and historians who wanted to create a new tartan that would embody the spirit of Ireland. It was first launched in 2016 at the annual Irish Fest in Milwaukee, USA, and since then has gained popularity among those who wish to honor their Irish heritage in a way that unites all of Ireland. The All Ireland Blue Tartan is available in a range of different garments, including kilts, scarves, and ties, making it accessible to all who wish to wear it with pride.