Agnew Tartan

It is believed that the Agnew Tartan is a part of the Agnew Clan which is a Scottish clan from the west coast of Scotland. It is believed that the Agnew Clan has a long background, having been founded around the year 12th century, and playing an important role throughout the Wars of Scottish Independence. Agnew was a prominent clan in Scotland. Agnew Clan held lands in Wigtownshire and also the ancestral home of the Clan, Galloway, and the Clan's motto, "Virtue Mine Honor," is a reference to the family's conviction to respect and honesty. The ancestral roots of the surname Agnew are not uncommon because there are two different sources. The most well-known version of the story is that it comes from French origins and originates from the Barony d'Agneaux located in Normandy who settled in England prior to moving northwards towards Liddesdale in the early part of the 12th century. Another possibility is that it was associated with one tribe in Ulster likely as the sept"O'Gnimh" (pronounced O'New). The name could have had several variations, including O'Gnive MacGnive and O'Gnyw. Then, Agnew.
This could be a reference to Agnew in connection with Somerled and the Lords Of The Isles (clan Donald). Indeed there are many Agnews located in Ireland and there's a bit of validity to this notion. It is believed that the Agnew Tartan is a unique style, with shades of blue, green, and red. The majority of the plaid is green, which represents the strong bond of the family to the land as well as its history. The blue stripes symbolize the ocean and the family's nautical roots, and the red stripes are a symbol of courage and strength. This Agnew tartan dress is a shining symbol of the family's history and heritage and is worn by many Clan members during traditional gatherings and events.