Agnew Modern Tartan

The Agnew clan is a Scottish clan with a rich history dating back to the 12th century. The Agnews was originally based in Galloway, a region in southwestern Scotland, where they were known for their fierce loyalty and fighting prowess. The clan's name is thought to come from the Gaelic "MacGniomh," meaning "son of the valorous one." The origins of the Agnew name are shrouded in mystery and have been debated by scholars for years. Some believe the name is of French origin and can be traced back to the Barony d'Agneaux in Normandy, while others argue that it may have been linked to a tribe in Ulster known as the O'Gnimh. The name has gone through many variations throughout history, including O'Gnive, O'Gnyw, and MacGnive, before ultimately becoming Agnew. Interestingly, the Agnew clan has strong ties to both Scotland and Ireland, and many Agnews can be found in both countries to this day. Some have even suggested a link between the Agnews and the powerful clan Donald, as well as with the legendary Somerled.
Regardless of their origins, the Agnew clan has a rich and fascinating history, and their name is steeped in tradition and heritage. Throughout their history, the Agnews were involved in many notable battles, including the Wars of Scottish Independence and the Jacobite Risings. They were also known for their close ties to the powerful Bruce and Douglas clans. The Agnew Modern Tartan is a relatively recent addition to the clan's heritage. It was designed in the mid-20th century and features a bright and bold color palette of red, blue, and green, with bold black and white lines intersecting throughout. The tartan has become a popular choice for those looking to celebrate their Scottish heritage and is often worn for special occasions such as weddings or formal events.