Adams Tartan

The Adams Tartan is a representation of the rich history and legacy of the Adams family, which traces its roots to the Lowlands of Scotland. The crest of the clan features a cross crosslet fitchée, Gules, surmounted by a sword in saltire, Proper, embodying the motto "Crux Mihi Grata Quies" (The cross gives me welcome rest). Historically, the Blair Adam estate in Kinross-shire served as the clan's seat. Despite being an armigerous clan without a chief, the Adams family boasts a notable connection to Scottish heraldry. As a sept of Clan Gordon, the Adams have the privilege of wearing Gordon tartans, which include the famous Black Watch and Campbell tartans with an additional yellow line. Scottish heraldic law is precise, granting coat of arms to individuals rather than families, meaning only those to whom the arms are awarded may bear them. The Adams of Blair-Adam arms, adorned with an argent mullet pierced, azure, between three crosses crosslet fitchée, gules, is a distinguished emblem. The arms granted to Sir John Roderick Seton Adams by the Court of the Lord Lyon on 14th October 1987, encompass symbols representing familial connections, including the cross crosslets for Adams, a dock leaf for Marshall, and three crescents for Seton. These elements have been used on seals, rings, and silver in Edinburgh for generations, marking the enduring heritage of the Adams clan. 
The Adams Tartan is characterized by its striking pattern and colors. It features a blue background that provides a bold base for the design. Thick green and red stripes run prominently across the tartan, creating a vivid contrast against the blue. Thin white stripes interlace with the primary colors, adding a delicate touch to the overall pattern. This combination of colors and lines makes the Adams tartan a visually appealing and distinctive fabric, perfect for various traditional Scottish garments.
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