Abercrombie Ancient Tartan

Abercrombie Ancient Tartan can be traced back to 1831, when it was published in a book in the work of James Logan called The Scottish Gael'' The name's origin originates from the tiny parish in Abercromby within Fife. The title and lands were transferred to a supporter of Edward 1 of England, who later became William de Abercromby suggesting a Norman connection. The Abercromby title was transferred to a different segment of that of the family around the end of the 17th century which was that of the Abercrombie's of Birken bog in Banff shire.
This family was actively opposed to the Reformation and was a staunch supporter of those who backed the Covenanters until the close of the 17th century at which point David Abercromby eventually conformed to the existing Presbyterian church. Sir Ralph Abercrombie became one of the most prominent military people in the 18th Century and was the main reason for the British's victories in foreign wars as well as his military strategy influenced on Duke of Wellington's campaign to defeat the French. The combination of black, blue, green, and white color makes this tartan More attractive.
This tartan pattern will make your clothes more elegant and elegant. It is now possible to take pleasure in your kilts or jacket, as well as other outfits with this stunning Abercrombie ancient tartan. To make your experience more elegant, we take care of the most intricate details that make this Tartan a stylish piece that reflects the refined style of the family.