Mackinnon Tartan (1842) - Limited

It is believed that the term McKinney in Ireland originates from the Gaelic language of the native MacCoinnigh Sept that was situated within Counties Tyrone and Fermanagh. The name of the clan got introduced to the Ulster Province in Scotland where MacKinney is part of Mackinnon. Clan Mckinney is an eminent clan that has Irish and Scottish heritage. The McKinneys are the descendants of the O'Neills who were one of the strongest tribes in Ireland. The McKinneys are a descendant of Cearbhallain Mor mac Donlevy who was the High King of Ulster and Ireland seven hundred years of age. They are descendants of Brian Boru, who reigned as the High King of Ulster from 1014 until 1021.
The Mackinnon Red Tartan is a traditional Scottish plaid that features a striking combination of red, green, black, and white. The pattern consists of thick horizontal stripes of alternating colors, with the dominant color being a rich shade of forest green. The white stripes provide a crisp contrast against the vibrant colors, while the orange stripes add a bold touch to the design. Overall, the Mackinnon Red Tartan is a visually stunning pattern that reflects the rich heritage and culture of Scotland.
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