Argyll Tweed Jacket With Waistcoatt

Argyll Tweed Jacket With Waistcoatt

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The Jacket here is made by the finest Quality available! Argyll tweed Jacket is the traditional outfit for formal evening wear events such as dinners, balls, or parties. The Customize Argyll Kilt Jacket is traditionally worn with a Scottish tartan Kilt, socks, and Ghillie brogues. A Full Dress Sporran Looks Amazing with the Argyll Kilt Jacket. This Jacket is made to the highest specifications by trained professionals. This is custom made jacket so you can order any size.

Materials & Features

  • Made to Measure
  • Cloth: 100% Wool
  • Waistcoat: 5 Button Waistcoat
  • Design: Argyll Jacket
  • Cuffs:Argyll Cuffs
  • Buttons: 3 Button on Each Cuffs & Button Pockets
  • Style: Traditional Style

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