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When one thinks of Scottish kilts, their minds typically wander to the traditional tartan kilts that have become a sort of Scottish cultural icon and symbol of the country. While it is true that this is often the most popular and is certainly the most iconic type of tartan, it is not the only type that is available. Scottish tartan kilts are generally seen being worn everywhere from on the streets to formal events, but when it comes to leather kilts, they possess a sort of bold attitude that is best suited for creating daring nighttime looks that will really turn heads wherever you go.

 The leather kilts sold here at Scottish Kilt Shop come in a variety of different colors and styles from soft brown leathers that have a classic feel to stark black shining leather that can be worn to the club. Think outside of the box and get creative with your looks by opting for leather kilts for women in a color that is neither brown nor black to really let your personality shine. Alongside leather kilts, we also offer simple leather skirts that fit more into your everyday wardrobe.The leather kilt or skirt you purchase from Scottish Kilt Shop isn't made until you place your order. Instead, we wait until you send in your waist and hip measurements as well as your preferred kilt length and fell measurement and then make your new, premium kilt according to your unique size.