Washed Denim Kilt

Washed Denim Kilt

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Mix everything you love about the appearance and texture of denim with the kilt styles you love to wear when you put on this Washed Denim Kilt. The denim kilt has the same versatility as a pair of jeans and can be easily incorporated into any casual looks, just like you could with jeans as well. Choose from either a dark blue or black denim that has been washed to give it the white veins and details that your favorite pair of jeans is able to provide. The design features belt loops that measure 2.25 inches to allow you to slip on a belt for both adjustability and style. The kilt can be made to measure in order to promise a perfect fit. Simply send in your hip size, waist size, kilt length and fell measurement to ensure that the kilt fits well out of the box.

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  • Materials and Features
  • Cloth: Denim
  • Belt Loops: 2.25 Inches
  • Button & Hardware: Rust Free
  • Embroidery: Scottish Lion on Pocket

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