TC Scottish Bagpipe Highland Rosewood

TC Scottish Bagpipe Highland Rosewood



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TC Scottish Bagpipe Highland Rosewood 

Play the traditional music stemming from your rich ancestral Scottish heritage in pride with this striking TC Scottish Bagpipe Highland Rosewood instrument. Handsome and sophisticated, this durable bagpipe features black and silver colors as well as a faux black velvet bag with ornate red fringes here and there. It comes with matching red tassels to finish out the look. A sleek black finish has been applied over the bagpipe in order to give it a crisp and shining look. It is a full-sized bagpipe that measures 40 inches by 20 inches. Enjoy the carrying case that it includes, as it is an excellent way not only to carry the bagpipe to and from performances but to keep dust out of it when not in use.

Materials & Shipping

  • Materials and Features
  • Fully Size & Fully Functional Professional Bagpipe
  • Cover: Royal Stewart Bagpipe Cover
  • Chanter: 2 Cane Chanter Reeds
  • Reed Set: 1 Synthetic Drone Reed Set

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