Tartan Kilt With Front Buttons

Tartan Kilt With Front Buttons

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Modernize the look of your favorite kilts with the help of the Layered Tartan Kilt with Front Buttons. This Layered Tartan Kilt with Front Buttons takes inspiration from classic tartan kilts while following contemporary trends through a layered cut. The kilt is made from acrylic wool to give it its classic tartan look, but its thinner, breathable nature and uniquely layered design make it a lighter, flowy, comfortable skirt to wear anytime, anywhere. A button closure on the front not only makes the kilt easy to get in and out of but also adds a bit of flair to the overall look. When you order the Layered Tartan Kilt with Front Buttons, you can choose the type of buttons that the kilt will have to help make it unique to only you. Each kilt is entirely made to measure, allowing you to have peace of mind when ordering your kilt online that it will fit you perfectly. Begin by sending in your kilt length and fell measurement choices and then add your hip ad waist size in inches. We will then make your kilt to your specifications to ensure the perfect fit.

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  • Materials and Features
  • Cloth: Acrylic Wool
  • Pleat: Knife Pleat
  • Accessaries: Accessaries are not Included
  • Buckles: Rust Free

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