Rosewood Bagpipe Learning Set - Fully Functional

Rosewood Bagpipe Learning Set - Fully Functional



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Rosewood Bagpipe Learning Set - Fully Functional 

Full size & Fully Functional Bagpipe Royal Stewart Bagpipe Cover 2 cane chanter reeds 1 Synthetic drone reed set Made from genuine rosewood, the Rosewood Bagpipe Learning Set has a glossy finish and comes with a practice chanter for beginners. The set is ideal for both adults and children. It is always a good idea to start the learning experience with the practice chanter therefore we included Practice Chanter for FREE in the set. Though historians disagree on precisely when they emerged as a part of Celtic life, bagpipes have been played at least since the 14th century and have come to symbolize the rich history of the Scottish people. Learning to play the bagpipes is a time-honored tradition that many wish to continue, but the high cost of many bagpipe sets can make the dream of learning to play seem impossible. The Scottish Highland Rosewood Bagpipe Learning Set is the perfect solution to this problem. This well crafted complete bagpipe set is priced affordably and intended specifically for those just learning to play.

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  • Materials and Features
  • Fully Size & Fully Functional Professional Bagpipe
  • Cover: Royal Stewart Bagpipe Cover
  • Chanter: 2 Cane Chanter Reeds
  • Reed Set: 1 Synthetic Drone Reed Set

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