Purple Tartan Kilt and outfit

Purple Tartan Kilt and outfit

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Nothing makes a person feel more regal and royal than wearing purple, and with this Purple Tartan Kilt and outfit, you can feel and look your best wherever you go. This tartan kilt features two different shades of purple, including a deep eggplant color and a lighter purple shade. The eggplant and light purple crisscross one another going vertically and horizontally in order to provide you with the look of perfectly symmetrical squares. Light blue, thin lines pierce the purple for a bit of depth. Be sure to input your hip and waist size at checkout, as well as your kilt length and fell measurement.

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  • Materials and Features
  • 8 yard out fit deal includes
  • professional 8 Yard stripe pleat Tartan kilt
  • Jacobite Ghillie Shirt
  • Matching Tartan Sporran
  • Matching Hose Flashes
  • Matching Tartan BowTie

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