Modern Tartan Plaid Skirt

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Modern Tartan Plaid Skirt

If you're ready to start expressing your love of your heritage through your style of dress just like Scottish men do, the Modern Tartan Plaid Skirt is for you. This plaid skirt sits just above the knee like the standard length of a tartan kilt but gives you all of the form and shape of a classic skirt so that you don't have to sacrifice your love of feminine appearances for something that resembles a tartan kilt. This Modern Tartan Plaid Skirt is a modern take on a classic kilt and comes in your choice of tartan colors and patterns, letting you choose a style that is reflective of the style that shows off your personality.
Regardless of the style of kilt that you choose, you can make sure that it fits in an ideal way by sending in your measurements before you order and we will make your kilt to your specific requirements to give you the ideal look. You can also customize the kilt in other ways by choosing the type of buttons and hardware you prefer and add in any other modifications you can think of on top of it.