MacDuck Tartan

In 1942, five years prior to the introduction of Scrooge MacDuck as an individual character, the Disney corporation registered an orange-green, red, tartan design dubbed "MacDuck Final Version" and used it to market War bonds in World War II. In 1942, when Don Rosa decided to include tartan in his stories he chose to use the original color of orange and green. The tartan pattern makes your outfits more fashionable and classy. We offer a variety of kilts that are high-quality. Jackets, skirts, and other clothing are constructed from this beautiful MacDuck Tartan.
To enhance your experience more stylishly we pay attention to the finest aspects that create this Tartan elegantly and stylish. It is a reflection of the sophisticated design of the family. You can order any of the products listed below in this tartan and we'll make your desired garments in accordance with your specifications.