Marjoribanks Tartan

Marjoribanks Tartan is a symbol of heritage and tradition for the Marjoribanks clan. This tartan has a rich history dating back centuries and holds great significance for those who belong to the clan. The Marjoribanks clan originated in Scotland, and their historic seat is Balbardie House in West Lothian. The clan motto, "Et Custos Et Pugnax" translates to "Both a preserver and a champion," which reflects the values of the Marjoribanks family. The tartan's crest features a demi-griffin Proper, issued from a crest coronet Or, which adds to the unique history of this tartan. By wearing this Tartan, you are not only embracing the beauty of the pattern but also connecting with the rich history of this ancient Scottish clan.
The Marjoribanks Tartan is a striking blend of red and black, with white and yellow lines running throughout. This bold color combination makes this tartan a standout piece in any wardrobe. The pattern features thick horizontal stripes, with thinner lines intersecting them, giving the tartan a bold and dynamic look.
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