Maclaine Of Lochbuie Red Muted Tartan

The MacLaines of Lochbuie is descended from Hector, brother of the progenitor of the MacLeans of Duart. Charters confirming their ownership of their lands were granted by King James IV.
In a dispute with MacLean of Duart, the chief's son lost possession of his lands but later regained them. MacLaine of Loch Buie Modern Tartan is suited for any event and occasion. ThisMaclaine Of Lochbuie Red Muted Tartan is usually made of Acrylic Wool material and it has the features of colors it which will lighten up the tartan and give it a bit more balance. The Maclaine is Of Lochbuie Red Muted Tartan red, yellow, black, and brown.
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