Machardy Modern Tartan

There is a claim by some that the name MacHardy comes from an early ancestor having performed some feat of physical prowess and was thereafter called Hary. This is thought to be extremely unlikely. The name comes taken from the Gaelic "MacChardaidh" which is the name of the sloe. It's also possible due to the Gaelic meaning and pronunciation of the word sloe. The most likely explanation is taken from that Pictish personal name, 'Gartnaigh'. The name is located in the same region as the more recent MacHardie which was also a favorite name among the families of Mar. The most appealing Machardy TartaMachardy Modern Tartann is one of the Highland clans. It features Dark blue backgrounds with horizontal and vertical lines of red and white separated by light-green shaded strips. All of these stripes and lines are interspersed.
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