County Leitrim Tartan

Leitrim County is situated in the Border Region and is important for the territory of Connacht. It is named after the town of Leitrim. In antiquated times Leitrim shaped the western piece of the Kingdom of Breifne, long affected by the O'Rourke (O Ruairc) group of Dromahair. By the thirteenth century the O'Rourkes were masters of West Breifne (Leitrim) and O'Reilly were bosses in East Breifne (Cavan). The Normans involved south of Breifne in the thirteenth 100 years, and a large part of the district was seized in 1620 and given to Villiers and Hamilton. Anyway it was fruitless planted with pilgrims.
Leitrim County was set apart as soon as 1565 by English Deputy Sir John Perrot. Five timberlands are generally said to have remained in Leitrim until the seventeenth century. Automation of cloth and the Great Famine attacked the province during the nineteenth Century. Coal mining and farming restored its fortunes. The County Leitrim plaid is a customary tartan design in dim, red, and brown with dark, sky blue, and light orange accents.
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