Granite City Tartan

The Granite City Tartan is a striking and unique tartan that represents the history and heritage of Aberdeen, Scotland. The tartan's name is derived from the city's nickname "The Granite City," as the city's stunning architecture is made up of grey granite quarried from the surrounding area. The city of Aberdeen has a rich and fascinating history that dates back to prehistoric times. The area was first settled by the Picts, a group of Celtic people, in the 6th century. Later on, the city was part of the Kingdom of Scotland and played a crucial role in the Wars of Scottish Independence. During the Industrial Revolution, Aberdeen became a hub of the shipbuilding and fishing industries and quickly grew into a prosperous city. One of its most famous monikers, the Granite City, is easily understood when you see the stunning architecture that adorns its streets. From the elegant townhouses with turrets to the impressive City Houses on Union Street, the castellated Citadel at the Castlegate, and the breathtaking Gothic Marischal College - which is the world's second-largest granite structure - Aberdeen's most renowned export is its exquisite granite.
The use of this high-quality stone in its buildings has not only made Aberdeen a unique and visually striking city, but also a testament to the skill and craftsmanship of its architects and builders. The Granite City Tartan is a recent addition to the world of tartan, designed in 2012 to commemorate the city's rich heritage. The tartan's design features shades of grey, blue, and green, representing the city's granite architecture, coastal location, and lush countryside. The tartan's pattern is inspired by the city's coat of arms, with a central yellow stripe representing the city's location on the River Dee. The tartan is not affiliated with any particular clan, but it is a beautiful representation of the city of Aberdeen and its history. The Granite City Tartan is perfect for anyone with a connection to the city or anyone looking for a unique and stylish tartan that represents the history and heritage of Scotland.