Gow Clan Tartan

The blacksmith in Gaelic Scotland was popularly known as Gobha.This name is linked with that which later on converted into Gow. The "son of the smith" was Mac gabhann that subsequently turned as MacGowan. In several areas every clan that was skilled as blacksmith and armorer adopted the title of Gow and MacGowan. The Highland family of Gows attained great prominence indebted to MacPhersons when in 1396 they fought the Battle of the North Inch of Perth in alliance.
In 1727 a boy by the name of Neil Gow was born in the Perthshire town of Inver near Dunkeld who became popular when he produced his own brand of tartan that different from the the lot his family used to produce. In the age of nine years he became a violin player and instantly rose to prominence. Neil had five sons and the youngest, Nathaniel, inherited all his father’s talents.
After training from his father and a spell in Edinburgh he led a band which was sought after by the wealthy and powerful across Britain. Together, father and son published three volumes of their compositions, called simply ‘Neil Gow and Son’. In Nithsdale, a clan MacGowan is believed to have established itself as early as the 1100s.
The MacGowan name spread out more widely and sparsely across Scotland than the Gows, with numbers that gradually built up in Stirling, Fife, Glasgow and down to Dumfries. The garments range of Gow Clan Tartan Kilt that we offer, none can provide with that fine and original stuff. Seeing is believing. Just place an order and feel the difference. We deliver across the globe.