Fraser Clan Ancient Tartan

The first Fraser to arrive in Scotland was Simon Fraser around 1160, who owned lands in Keith in East Lothian. Many notable Simon Frasers have existed throughout the clan's history, including the first Fraser in Scotland, a man executed for fighting alongside Robert the Bruce, and the progenitor of Clan Fraser of Lovat - all named Simon Fraser. The clan motto is "All My Hope Is In God." The Clan Tartan System likely originated when weaving became a specialized trade and mass production of tartans became possible. While Queen Victoria contributed to the romantic reputation of the Highlands, the idea of the Clan Tartan predates her time. Highland tartans were adopted by the Lowlands in the mid-18th century due to the growth of the Lowland tartan industry. The three classes of tartans are military, hunting, and many-hued. The red, green, and dark blue tartans have their own geographical affiliations and are variations on a theme. Clan regiments during the Jacobite Rising likely wore uniform tartans that eventually became Clan Tartans. The use of tartan in the clan context was not referenced before the '45 and the Clan Tartan Idea made rapid progress soon after. A ban on tartan in disaffected areas was a precaution against a future outbreak, not a punishment or deliberate attempt to destroy the people.
The Fraser Clan Ancient Tartan is a classic design featuring a predominantly red pattern with thin blue and white lines, accented by subtle green stripes. It is closely associated with the Fraser Clan and represents their Scottish heritage and traditions. The combination of colors and pattern creates a visually striking and memorable design that is commonly used for Scottish kilts, clothing, and accessories. Overall, the Fraser Clan Ancient Tartan is a timeless and traditional design that has remained popular for many years.
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