Exogamy Tartan Kilt

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Exogamy Tartan Kilt 

There is little that the good, traditional Scottish kilt cannot do to uplift an individual's personality. From work-wear, casual outfits to special occasions like a marriage, it is a true all-rounder that has stood the test of time. We attempt to capture this distinct versatility into our designs, and the Exogamy Tartan Kilt is one such creation. The kilt comes with an array of customizable characteristics. First, you get to choose your two different tartan designs for the overlay and the inner pleats to exhibit your cultural pride in the best possible way. You can transform the kilt into a utility one by including appropriate add-ons such as pockets or a sporran. Like all our other designs, the kilt is available as a made-to-measure product, so do not worry about sizing hassles. The structure itself is as traditional as it gets and supplies every bit of the classic Scottish pride! 

Product Reviews